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Posted by ravisankar on February 25, 2006

It makes me no wonder why U.S.A has been the world leader of technology. From The very first day when I landed in DC to till date I got impressed with the way things go here. Especially it got boosted up when I had started taking my courses at GMU. The essential goals of education are seen, once the structure and plan of curriculam are observed.

The way professors deliver the lecture and the expectations of both students and professors give an account of the objectives of Education. Then, one can ask what are the objectives of education?. I belive it is a pretty global issue. The objective of education in a country with poor literacy is to raise the percent of literacy continually. Then, there comes the level of quality of education being offered.

Merely does the increase in literacy percent brings about quantitative changes in quality?. Certainly not.

(Remaining I will discuss in PART – 2)


  1. vivi said

    The way the topic began draws my view on the author to a dramatic sequence of things which he wants to share based on his experiences. It appears to me that he is in a way of suggesting things that a country needs to deal with to achieve alround development by comparing the top most in the particular field.
    However i think i cant say anything abt the topic nwitself as much will be based on the other parts he is going to publish.

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